About this Site

This Site is Dedicated to James Wilkie

Mentor and Friend

This website was created with deep gratitude for the richness and magic that Jimmy shared with and instilled in people around him.

Thirty years ago I met psychic James Wilkie as a client in his home in Newton, BC, Canada. After our initial session, he said: "Stop by for A CUP OF TEA anytime." - "Not very likely," I thought. Several years later I saw him again as a client. After our session he again said: "Stop by for a cup of tea anytime." - and again I thought "Not very likely." Years later it replayed itself a third time. "Next time come by for a cup of tea as a friend not as a client" he offered. "Not very likely," I thought.

Ten years after our initial meeting I asked Mr. Wilkie to become my teacher. "I don't know if I can teach you," he answered "but why don't you come by once a week for for a cup of tea and we can talk." When I came for my first CUP OF TEA the teaching period started. The teachings continued for three decades and grew into a friendship.

During our time together, Jimmy asked me several times to document his development and life for future mediums and for his grandchildren.

How I met my mentor James Wilkie
As I reflect on how I met my mentor James Wilkie many "COINCIDENCES" and "CONNECTIONS" stand out that continue to make me wonder. These concidences are highlighted in CAPSLOCK and ITALICS in the text and involve:

The art and science of - YOGA
The sculptor - GERHARD JUCHUM
The author - RAMAcharaka
The guide - RAMA
The occupation - House PAINTER
A musical movement and sign - LARGO
A highway - HIGHWAY 99
The writer - SPRAGGETT

I am not sure how it all started but I'll begin with a book my father gave me in my teens. More ...