About being and reality and that which transcends the physical world.

There is no greater religion than truth.

Life is a schoolroom—
Death is the final examination.
We go on to the classroom over there—
According to our merits on earth.

Death to me is a doorway to a higher place of life, no more than the entering of another room, the going forth on another path, to greater things and to greater works.

Within the consciousness of every human soul
I earnestly believe that within the consciousness of every human soul there comes sometime, in their experience, a deepest longing to seek their God and understand more fully the way of Truth and Spirit.

I write to place comfort and hope in the hearts of the bereaved
The Master Christ said that those that mourn shall be comforted, that the sick would be healed, and as Paul explained, that young men would have dreams and see visions, and to knock and the door would be opened unto us. So it is I write to place comfort and hope in the hearts of the bereaved. To bring the message of healing to those that lie in sickness, and above all to perhaps throw aside the prejudice and ignorance that overthrow God's Kingdom in a world unsure and uncertain of God's Law.

I know personally what it means to have loved and lost dear ones
I know personally what it means to have loved and lost dear ones, and following the Second World War I decided to devote my time to working amongst the sick and administering to the bereaved through spiritual mediumship.

What happens to suicides in the spirit world?
James Wilkie - Photo by Laraine
Photo by Laraine
In many ways it's like life before death.

During my writing of these pages, a friend of mine, discovering that he had cancer, shot himself in a fit of despair. I was with his wife when the news came that he had died from his self-inflicted wound. They had been a devoted and happy couple and she was heartbroken by his death, especially by the way he died.

The husband came to me almost immediately after his passing, trying to find rest from the agony into which he had plunged himself. The violent, premature death of a suicide is like the birth of a premature baby.

Both are propelled into a world for which they are not prepared. The suicide usually faces a period of difficult adjustment on the other side.

The man came to me frequently, in fact, in the days and weeks after his abrupt passing. At first he was wandering, an earthbound spirit, dead but still tied to earth by remorse and fear. He occasionally went to his own grave and brooded there. He could not understand the concept of his having two bodies—the one in the grave, and the risen replica. I had to leave my own body one night, in an astral flight-that is, become temporarily dead myself, as it were—to show him the path to the realm of light.

Finally, with my help, the assistance of his wife's prayers, and the loving care of spirits who came to guide him in his adjustment to his new life, this suicide victim found peace.

I wanted, above all things, to find God's plan for myself
Returning from service, in the Mercantile Marine, there was confusion in my soul, at the terrible things I had seen regarding man's inhumanity to man. I wanted, above all things, to find God's plan for myself.

I have been called Witch and Devil many times
I was born psychic without protection or knowledge of its true meaning. It has never been a path of roses. Mostly a struggle to find harmony, for man has accused without reason, and slaughtered unmercifully without cause.

Yet I wouldn't change the pattern of my life if I could. I have been called Witch and Devil many times. The same accusators have later been glad of my help, and thank God I have led them into the consciousness of Christ and to a way of life best suited to their Spiritual need.

"Young men shall dream dreams and see visions"
Either this is true or the Bible is wrong.

Let me tell you of my visions
Let me tell you of my visions that you may indeed have yours and think of the Nazarene's words when he said, "Greater things than these shall ye do." So the Lord was referring to the powers within.

Mediumship is a very lovely and Spiritual gift
Mediumship is a very lovely and Spiritual gift and accompanies the soul at birth, it can neither be sold or bought. It is truly given to bring the Glory of God to a needy world and tells us of the talents we possess and how to develop and use them properly. Then humanity can benefit by its cause and understand the world here and also hereafter. Many disguise their gifts in Orthodox form—calling themselves divine ones, or mystics, etc., but regardless of their terms, it is only their mediumship in its degree of evolution that can make them do good amongst men.

Saint Joan of Arc was clairvoyant, and clairaudient, and heard her spirit voices, and saw visions, yet she too suffered death on the stake. All through history we have found this evidence of mediumship amongst the mystics and leaders of men, and today the younger generation are demanding proof of survival and phenomena as described in the Holy Bible.

I have worked many times in Sanatoria for the uncurables
I have worked many times in Sanatoria for the uncurables and have been able to discuss freely and reach these souls as they awaited their transition, and found that their thoughts and their aspirations did intend towards this Afterlife, regardless of their ignorance of taking their works (Gifts) with them, and many believed implicitly in the fact that they would indeed be healed in this life hereafter and able to resume the course of their lives free from physical disharmony. Their pain and suffering made them seek more of this other body that lies within us all.

A great Spiritual thirst was theirs as they lay oftimes almost rejected in their state and oftimes bitter at their fate until knowledge made them free. I have always found, no matter where I have worked, Doctors and nurses who have embraced the truths of which I write and though they cannot be always open to admit their interest and their faith in such directions, frowned upon by the medical world who would like to be able to claim all power of Healing, or so it might seem, when anyone else can claim cures by other means than theirs.

There has been humor in my psychic ministry too—thank God
James Wilkie - Photo by Laraine
Photo by Laraine
There has been humor in my psychic ministry too—thank God. If it weren't for that I sometimes feel I would have gone completely mad. Most mediums have a well-developed sense of humor; I think this is the only thing that keeps us sane.

One man who came to me was obviously amused when I told him he was a doctor and that I got the distinct impression, although it sounded rude to say so, that most of his patients had died!

He agreed, with a grin, that this was so. Then he explained that he was a specialist who treated, mainly, patients with the most advanced malignancies.

Sometimes the things people say after a successful sitting would be wholly tragic if they weren't also funny.

One woman who had received perfectly correct information about her husband's business affairs, her children and their problems, and her own personal life said on the way out the door: "I'm so disappointed. If only you could have gotten the name of my dog!"

Some people who come in with a smirk or even a sneer go out with a different expression.

One middle-aged man looked very skeptical and seemed to be amused until I described his mistress to him, in unmistakable detail, and told him to go back to his wife who still loved him and was willing to forgive and forget. The skepticism dissolved in a rush of tears.

He did go back to his wife. And she did forgive—and, I hope, forget.

This is the sort of thing which disproves the oft-quoted claim that psychics only tell people what they want to hear
In Vancouver, a few years ago, I met a man who has become a marvelous friend to me and has helped my ministry in wonderful ways. His name is Charles Moore.

On one occasion I had sad news for my friend Charlie. (And this is the sort of thing which disproves the oft-quoted claim that psychics only tell people what they want to hear.) Charlie had mentioned that one of his sisters was in the hospital for what was regarded as a routine checkup. Immediately I felt a powerful impression. I told Charlie sadly that I felt his sister had a tumor, that she would undergo surgery and die. This diagnosis and prognosis proved to be all too true.

We can thrive on very little, drawing from the source of nature itself
We can thrive on very little, drawing from the source of nature itself, gaining sufficient power and strength for our needs. We need very little on which to find sustenance. So it is I am aware that the spiritual life overshadows this one and we can draw from our inspirations, from the forces at large, once we have access to them.

We are almost forced to be broadminded in our attitude towards all other religions
We are almost forced to be broadminded in our attitude towards all other religions, and know that they are all pathways to the divine, and each one has evidence to offer of their truths. None can afford to criticise, or slaughter—rather should we embrace the other schools of thought, for what they are worth, and each does have an undercurrent of spirit, and inter-related to each other for all men have a soul and that in itself is a definite link with God—regardless of our color or our creed.

If we care to face the facts, perhaps we ourselves would be of a different faith
Great people in high places have been known to change their religion. Also priests, and ministers say that they had not given up their search, by all means, but had discovered their plane of thoughts, and, if we care to face the facts, perhaps we ourselves would be of a different faith, if we had been born in another country, or had a different colour of skin. Sin, Hellfire, and damnation, The burning fire, and the fear of death, no longer persist to the lover of freedom, and health, and it is pitiful to even suggest that God is a God of Mercy, a god of wrath, a God of hate, who loves his children, yet because they cannot see a certain view in their expression of freewill religiously, that he will see them tortured and burned in eternal hell. There is no one without chance of rescue and progression—even the vilest sinner or criminal can raise themselves spiritually if they see the light, and realise that life can be negative or positive, according to their use of mind and body, and the respect that accompanies guidance and truth. We are individuals in our efforts to work out our own salvation our own way, and I find it hard to believe that only one religion can get us to Heaven.

I am far more afraid of the human being than the spirit ones that cross my path
I recall seeing spirits as a child, and am far more afraid of the human being than the spirit ones that cross my path—for they are angels with a shining mission. Have you ever stopped to wonder of the angels who appeared to the enlightened ones as mentioned in the Bible? They were not all saints -neither were they archangels who constantly appeared. They were simply returning Spirits who had evolved on the other side and were doing their Spiritual duty, as do your own loved ones, over there-your brothers and sisters and mine. They take their works with them and their personalities do not die nor change immediately in the process of transition to the higher side.

We grow, after all, by learning from our mistakes
We grow, after all, by learning from our mistakes and by vowing, after each failure, to do better.

Does everybody have a spirit guide?
The answer is yes. As Rama expresses it: "Every soul has a friend in the spirit world; it is a law of spirit."

These guardian angels—for I believe that this is the true meaning of that biblical phrase-are drawn to us by what Rama calls the law of attraction: Like attracts like. The kind of person one is and the level of spiritual maturity one has reached determine what kind of spirit guides one draws to oneself.

The mission of each guide is not to turn every thorn into a rose
The mission of each guide is not to turn every thorn into a rose, because this is not possible, but to lead each person along the spiritual pathway which comes finally to Christlikeness. The guides may also, at times, lead us to those who can help the body as well as the soul....

Most people, not being mediumistic, cannot of course see their guides clairvoyantly as I do
But the guides can make themselves known in other ways.

Spirit guides cannot always intervene
There are times when conditions do not allow it. I think of a time when my guide warned me of the impending death of a close friend and there was nothing anybody could do to avert it.

Many of the advanced souls who come back to act as guides
Many of the advanced souls who come back to act as guides for those of us who are still on the earth plane are unwilling to tell much about themselves. Others reveal a considerable amount about themselves and their last earth incarnation.

My own guide, Rama, has communicated a little about his past earth life. However, he says it is hard for him to remember—"harder," he told one sitter, "than it is for you to remember what you did when you were six years old.

Why are so many spirit guides North American Indians
One answer is that these people were often highly evolved spiritually. The Indians lived close to nature and had an intuitive understanding of psychic phenomena. Thus they make natural guides after they pass on to the next phase of eternal life.

The dead are just as alive as we are
Through my mediumship I have been able to bring many people proof that death is merely an incident in the ongoing life of the human spirit.

Sometimes I have had visions of the so-called dead attending their own funerals. The dead are just as alive as we are, but in a different way. They are more alive; it is we who are half-dead, trapped in a physical body. The dead are free of the encumbrances which burden us, clothed in a radiant spirit body which is appropriate to the higher vibratory rate of the after-death state.

I am a firm believer in reincarnation
I am a firm believer in reincarnation—the belief that we all pass through many earthly lifetimes on our way to ultimate perfection.

This means, among other things, that we have all died many times. So why fear death?

Reincarnation is the key which, for me, has unlocked the mysteries of human suffering and the love of God.

Karma is certainly not always negative. It is, overall, just the opposite
James Wilkie - Photo by Laraine
Photo by Laraine
Many of our tastes, our likes and dislikes, are based on reflections from a previous life.

Once I gave a sitting to a man who had taught anthropology at several universities. I told him that the previous life of his which seemed to have the most bearing on his current one had been spent as a pro-counsul in a rather remote part of the Roman empire. I mentioned that his special sign of office was a helmet with a red plume on it. I saw all this vividly, through clairvoyance, as he changed before me into the likeness of a Roman official.

What I did not know was that this young man, for weeks, had been moved by a passion to find a particular kind of Roman helmet. He had looked everywhere in antique shops. When he found one, he intended to put it on display in his home-after adding one final touch. The final touch? A red plume.

On another occasion, I gave a trance sitting for a young tenor with a brilliant voice and a brilliant future. Rama told him that he had been a Catholic priest in a past life with a special fondness for music. His parish, Rama added, had been in Italy, in the mountains north of Rome.

The tenor was a devout Catholic and, although he hadn't a drop of Italian blood in his veins, he said he loved Italy and felt naturally at home with Italians.

The reflections of past lives show up in many ways
The reflections of past lives show up in many ways. A man who was a militarist in a previous life may be a pacifist in this one, as a compensation or reaction against his previous excesses. A boy who died in the American Civil War, serving as a flag-bearer on the Confederate side, may have a passion for the Civil War and a strong indentification with the Confederate side-even though he is a born and bred Canadian in his present life. A woman who in a previous life may have been a man who followed Jesus and loved him may return as a great evangelist devoted to Christ.

This illustrates, I trust, how beliefs and values acquired in a previous life can continue to shape our characters in the present
On one occasion I gave a trance sitting for a large group of people. They included televison and radio personalities, a psychiatrist or two, a college professor, and a football coach. A woman asked Rama about her husband's past lives.

Addressing the husband, Rama said: "This is the first incarnation in the white complexion. And this explains the fact that India has a strong magnetic pull for you. In fact, at one time you had decided to go to India to live, but circumstances prevented you. Is that not true?"

The man acknowledged that it was true. Actually, it came out later, he had decided to go to India as a missionary, but the outbreak of World War II had upset his plans. And, interestingly, somebody who knew this man well remarked that the comment about this being his first life in the white color rang a bell since he had an unusual empathy for other races and was a militant enemy of any form of racial discrimination.

Where was this wonderful God of love?
James Wilkie - Photo by Laraine
Photo by Laraine
Early in my life as a medium, I felt called to dedicate myself for a number of years to healing, and therein performing the most menial tasks. I became a hospital orderly, cleaning up hemorrhages and dressing corpses.

At first it was hard for me to see such tragedies as an imbecile child, who would never be able to lead even a semblance of a normal life, with parents who were often good and spiritual people. On the other hand, often, ignorant and selfish parents had healthy children who grew into spoiled brats.

Where was this wonderful God of love?

Then I came to realize, through the guidance of my guide Rama, that just as an X-ray machine may reveal causes of disease which otherwise could not be detected, so can the doctrine of reincarnation reveal hidden causes of disease. The cause of a disease or a deformity may lie in a previous lifetime on earth.

Rama puts it this way: "Somewhere in time the law has been broken."

The "law" here is the law of karma-the moral law of cause-and-effect. The Bible expresses it this way: "As a man soweth, so shall he also reap." The sowing may take place in one life and the reaping in a later one.

A retarded child may be paying off karmic debts piled up by his misdeeds in a previous life. There is no concept of punishment here. The law of gravity doesn't punish anyone for jumping off a high roof.

Reincarnation offers an explanation for the inequities of life
The faith that, even in the midst of the most horrible suffering, some ultimately beneficient and perfectly just purpose is being worked out can carry people through anything. And reincarnation provides a rational basis for such a faith. It offers an explanation for the inequities of life.

Often, in my consultations, I see a person before me change in skin color and even in clothing. Many times when I question such a person I find that he has strong feelings for the country or the historical period which I have perceived psychically. And, frequently, this insight into a previous life explains a handicap or a problem in this present life.

Generally, physical afflictions in this life mean that the person caused physical affliction to others in a previous life. Thus, a woman with skin lesions may have inflicted marks or lesions on others. Or a blind man may have been responsible for someone losing his sight.

Healing of the soul, if not the body, is always possible
Some sickness is karmic. (Not all, by any means. There are diseases which have spiritual causes rooted in this lifetime—a wrong attitude, perhaps, which poisons mind and body. Direct physical causes include, of course, drugs, excessive use of alcohol, debauchery, overwork, faulty diets. . . .)

Some sick people cannot be physically healed for reasons pertaining to karma. There is a debt which must be paid off. But in other cases the karma may be worked out, and healing does occur. At any rate, healing of the soul, if not the body, is always possible.

This means, among other things, that we have all died many times. So why fear death?

Reincarnation is the key
Reincarnation is the key which, for me, has unlocked the mysteries of human suffering and the love of God.

In no case, I repeat, is karma punishment
In no case, I repeat, is karma punishment. It is always an opportunity for growth. Karmic conditions, rightly handled, lead to spiritual progress.

Religion would have little leg to stand on if it were not for the truth of Survival and the fact that Christ came back himself from the dead and he made no secret of Afterlife
Religion would have little leg to stand on if it were not for the truth of Survival and the fact that Christ came back himself from the dead and he made no secret of Afterlife. It was never meant to be a mystery. All religions point the way to life in the next world. Jesus said, "Tell this to no man until I myself have come back," meaning that the world was not yet ready for the greatest truth and that being immortality, and survival, and of an Angel Ministry—and indeed communion between the two worlds. There is no dividing gate but an open road to the flight of the soul after death, and many retread their steps in the greatest vibration of life, that being LOVE, and to Love all things are possible. The danger of Spirits affecting an enquirer is remote, considering that we can tune in to the highest spiritual teachers, and Saints, and be protected by them as promised in the scriptures, and there would be no more wars if religion did prove afterlife, as it should, simply because man would term it useless to kill and destroy, when they knew that death only set man free-and more so that their influence from the astral spheres could still persist to affect them, and evolution and teachings, as Christ demonstrated, can indeed save us from all the horrors so present today.

It is incredulous to believe that in early times such mediums were burned alive at the stake, and were said to possess devils through their manifestations of the spirit, and, today in comparison, some of Ihe largest churches and halls cannot hold the overflow of people who are anxious to see the working of the spirit for themselves.

People often ask me what life after death is like
And I often reply that in many ways it's like life before death.

People are not suddenly promoted to heaven upon dying—just as they're not plunged into an eternal hell. We start off on the other side at the level of spiritual and moral development we have reached on this side. And, as we progress in the afterlife, we rise to higher spheres.

Since most people carry over with them the tastes and interests which they developed here
The spirit world seems as "real, as "solid" as this one does. Why shouldn't it, since the dead have spirit bodies which look and feel to them as our physical bodies do to us-except that they are free of blemishes and deformities.

Since most people carry over with them the tastes and interests which they developed here, and since thought is the great creator in the after-death state, people usually build for themselves thought replicas of the things they knew and loved here. Thus, an alcoholic may continue in a sense to drink his whiskey in the after-life, until he reaches a stage of spiritual enlightenment wherein the habit withers away.

Not only do the dead live, but they progress in love and understanding
This is the great message of hope which higher spiritualism brings: Not only do the dead live, but they progress in love and understanding.

It is pitiful even to suggest that God is a God of wrath and hate
I had a friend who married into the Catholic faith. She was by nature psychic, and after the sudden death of her son he appeared regularly to her through clairvoyance. She would carry out the beautiful things he told her to do—usually helping someone sick or worse off than she herself was. The woman told her priest about these contacts with her son. The priest warned her against them, and her heart became troubled. Her religion was put in opposition to the gift she carried within her. A conflict developed in her mind, and her health suffered.

She came to me in great distress. I in no way tried to influence her against her religion in which, up to this point, she had found so much meaning. But I asked her to pray to her patron saint about the matter. She did this and, in her communions with her patron saint-in whom she believed implicity-she also saw the rising body of her child, radiant and loving.

She returned to her priest and told him her saint had allowed her son to return to her, concluding herself that the visitations must be of God.

A gifted psychic usually gives evidence and proves survival after death
Unless you have been able to dry the tears of someone who has felt their life was empty and lonely, then one is not too able to criticise, and it is a great joy to see someone smile again who had lost their nearest and dearest friends.

Prayer and meditation
The gift of the Holy Spirit, which is often the wonderful power we feel as Psychics, can also lead one to higher understanding. Death to me is immigration to the other country, and my religion has taught me this language I will use over there. It is a language all can learn before we are eventually called to go. In doing so our lives can be adjusted and progressive once we have left the physical frame.

Some spirits retire to the other side for a period
Some spirits retire to the other side for a period, before ever venturing to visit their dear ones here, and many believe, as they were taught to do, that there is no return, and simply rest, believing this is natural in the new life.

The son replied that the medium must have known these things, and refused to believe the evidence
One evening I was giving a Healing intercession to friends and when the healing was finished my guides said that there was a minister present in the room who had served in Toronto and had passed on only a few days before. Unknown to me they had attended his funeral the day before, and he was a relative through marriage, and they instantly recognized the facts given to them while I was still under trance. He said how he had died in his car and asked for his wife and his son by name, and a message about church affairs, he had left so hurriedly behind, and my friends immediately passed on the messages to the son. The son replied that the medium must have known these things, and refused to believe the evidence, and you can see how spirits themselves are disappointed in their attempts to get through, as well as the mediums in all they are striving to do, consoling both sides of the veil.

Terry proved to me what faith can do under impossible odds
While working in a large hospital in Toronto, I met a young man whom I will call Terry. He was blind and also was undergoing surgery to restore his nose, eaten away by a malignancy. Yet his personality was inspiring.

After he was discharged, his new face began to decompose. To our horror, he returned with a new cancer; the doctors said that his time on earth was running out. In fact, he had only a few months.

I watched this boy until he was enclosed in a mask and the pitiless scourge of his disease had reduced him to a shadow. He still communicated with us cheerfully, until the inevitable and ghastly end. I remember his walks down the hospital corridors, his jokes to cheer up others who were much better off than he was, and, on occasion, the jaunty dance steps he would do in the middle of the ward.

He passed on, still revering life, still loving everyone; no bitterness, no hate. I do believe that in such cases the vision—of what lies eternally beyond suffering—instills meaning where, without it, a sense of hopelessness and failure would prevail. Terry proved to me what faith can do under impossible odds.

To the man of faith the word impossible never exists and is eliminated from his positive thinking
To the man of faith the word impossible never exists and is eliminated from his positive thinking and they do understand that so-called miracles are only God's Laws working in their natural order—as they are put into operation. They are able to see above and beyond all suffering and, in their vision, give greater strength where many leave off in despair. Sickness to the true Healer, or Channell, is a very deep challenge to be of service to humanity.

The approach is Christlike and Spiritual as our Master must have felt each time he beheld a Leper. We are entered upon an age where the "Therapeutic value of Spiritual Healing" will play a most important part or role in the life of the patient and seeker. So many diseases have Mental and Spiritual origin and the Fear and Tension are sending disharmony into every fibre of one's being. Walking in harmony with our three bodies of "Mind, Physical, and Soul", we can return to our more natural state. Even nations have soul sickness and the Christ Consciousness can be their Saviour.

It takes courage to walk hand in hand with angels
Simply mention to the average person that you believe in the communion of angels, or Spirit beings, and you are gazed upon with an incredulous frown. I think that the transformation on the Mount is one of the strongest stories for spiritual communion and survival there is. There we have our Lord talking with Moses and Elijah who had been long dead. He was overshadowed and entranced and yet we have the old cry, "Christ did not speak to spirits or encourage it, and also there was the phenomena of the direct voice, and Transfiguration, Materialisation and trance-truly an amazing seance as described in the Bible."

Christ said, "Test the spirits to see if they are of God." Just as with the human being, in the many spheres of life on earth, so we can understand the celestial visitors in their states of evolution also.

The disciples, once they knew the facts, wanted to build three tabernacles (Greek for tables or cabinets) to preserve the flow of power, and they were terrified when the phenomena came about, before Christ explained the materialisations to them, and, to this day, in the case of the few wonderful materialising mediums we have, they sit in a cabinet to preserve the flow of power just exactly as the disciples wanted.

In recent years, my psychic ministry—for this is, more and more, what I consider it to be
In recent years, my psychic ministry—for this is, more and more, what I consider it to be: a ministry, not a stunt, a show, or a scientific curiosity for investigators to gawk at-has taken certain new directions.

Some are not exactly new but are, rather, extensions of parts of my ministry which I have always carried out. One of these is a widening of my healing work, especially in the direction of psychic diagnosis of disease-often at a distance, without any actual contact with the person.

Also, my use of what has been called "traveling clairvoyance" has increased. This is the ability to project the mind to pretty nearly any spot on the globe, to find out what goes on there.

I call this "psychic analysis"
James Wilkie - Photo by Laraine
Photo by Laraine
A totally new aspect of my ministery is one to which I devote myself now. I call this "psychic analysis." It is a combination, really, of my psychic perception in probing people's deepest problems, and of such wisdom and understanding of human nature as I've gathered in my years on the road of life, to give practical guidance and counsel.

Numerous examples of these aspects of my ministry come to mind. Take the following incident which involved psychic diagnosis.

While working as an orderly at a home for the aged outside of Toronto, I was approached by one of the staff members who was in great distress. This woman told me that her mother was awaiting surgery for the removal of a brain tumor. The mother's condition was serious and the woman was concerned that she might not survive the operation. Could I help?

Well, I explained to her that I was not a miracle worker, but that if she brought me a personal object belonging to her mother, I would psychometrize it—try to tune in on its vibrations picked up from the owner—and see what I could discover.

The woman brought me a bone comb which her mother had worn in her hair before her head was shaved in preparation for the brain surgery. Handling the comb, I got very strong impressions. It is almost impossible to describe how a psychic feels when he is receiving clairvoyant impressions, but there is a definite sensation of inner knowing-almost an inner voice.

I could "feel" the actual size and location of the tumor! It was as though I had an X-ray machine inside me which was pinpointing the growth. I remarked that the tumor must have been in existence some seven years to reach the size it had. I also said that during the operation another, smaller tumor, just above the nose, would be found. My guide, Rama, assured me that the operation would be successful and gave the woman great hope that her mother would be all right. However, Rama prophesied that, following the main operation, still further surgery would be necessary to do some minor repair work and perfect the healing.

After the operation at the Toronto General Hospital, the surgeon told the woman that her mother's brain tumor must have been growing for at least seven years for it to be the size it was. And, he said, another smaller tumor was found just above her nose. Both had been successfully removed, and the patient would recover. And there was minor follow-up surgery, but within three months the mother had regained her health completely.

That was a case of psychic diagnosis and prognosis.

I do not claim infallibility, of course—only a fool would do that
I do not claim infallibility, of course—only a fool would do that. Nor do I suggest for a moment that my psychic gift can or should replace medical science. On the contrary, I urge every sick person to seek medical help to the utmost. But there have been cases in which doctors have used my psychic diagnostic ability and confessed that they were baffled by its accuracy.

One Pittsburgh psychiatrist—whom Allen Spraggett knows and to whom he introduced me-said that he was amazed at my ability to describe the problems of some of his patients, simply by being given their names. In many cases I was able to focus on an individual through the vibratory link of his name—that's the only way I can put it-and get a clear picture of his psychological problems, as well as other details about his life.

This psychiatrist later wrote to Allen Spraggett this appraisal of my psychic work: "James Wilkie is remarkably good at conscious clairvoyance. People here [in Pittsburgh] have nothing but praise for the quality and accuracy of his work. Many of the people who consuited him were helped immeasurably by the depth of his insight."

My ability at traveling clairvoyance is getting stronger
James Wilkie - Photo by Laraine
Photo by Laraine
My ability at traveling clairvoyance is getting stronger. While on a visit to Mexico City in the spring of 1969, I received an urgent phone call from a prominent businessman in Calgary, Alberta. He had consulted me previously about several business ventures and had said that my psychic advice had helped him greatly. Now he was calling about a different sort of matter.

Even before he could tell me why he was calling, I saw it instantly. I felt transported to the scene of the event he was worried about.

"This involves a plane crash," I said. "It was a private plane with a personal friend of yours aboard."

The businessman admitted that that was true. "I'm sorry, but the occupants, including your friend, are dead. The cause of the crash was engine trouble and not bad weather. The plane will be found," I told him.

I then went on to describe where the plane would be found and approximately when. It all proved to be true.

On another recent occasion, a distraught mother came to my home in Vancouver. Her son, a college student, was on a tour of the Soviet Union, and she and her husband had heard nothing from him for some time. They were worried. Could I tell her where their son was and if he was all right? With my usual caution that I could not work miracles on demand and never promised results, I said that I would concentrate on the boy and see if I got anything.

Immediately impressions started streaming in—almost as though I were tuning in on a radio beam. More accurately, it was as if I were there, on the spot, in Russia. I seemed to be taken across the distance between Vancouver and Moscow in an instant.

I told the mother that her son had been arrested in Russia on a drug charge, that he would be convicted and sentenced to a long jail term, but that he would be well treated in jail, and that his term would be greatly shortened for good behavior. I assured her that her son would come home after the experience much more of a man because of it.

Shortly afterward, the parents received word of the son's arrest. The father flew to Moscow for the trial. In spite of his efforts, the boy was convicted and sentenced to a work camp.

However, he wrote letters home saying that he was being well treated and was even learning Russian. Thee his sentence was suddenly reduced, and he returned home, happy, healthy, and much more mature than when he left.

Sometimes I am able clairvoyantly to give people messages which, at that very moment, are absolutely convincing to them
Sometimes I am able clairvoyantly to give people messages which, at that very moment, are absolutely convincing to them.

Once, in New York, in the home of some wealthy friends, I met a man who is the president of a worldwide firm involved with recorded music. Suddenly 1 saw a vision of five boats which I felt the man had recently bought. I was able to describe the boats precisely and add that they were slated to be converted into floating hotels. It was, I said, an $8,000,000 deal This, the man admitted, was true.

I also got a vivid impression of a visionary experience this same businessman had once had but of which he had spoken to no one, not even his wife. One night I said, on going into the bathroom of his luxurious home, he had been confronted by a small, dark-complexioned man, almost a dwarf, in peculiar garb. The strange intruder said nothing but smiled and then vanished. I told the businessman that I thought he felt sure that this had been a spiritual guide who was helping him in his business and personal life, and he confessed that this was so.

This second bit of clairvoyance, particularly, seemed to shake him up. Later this man invited me to his home in Hollywood for what was to be further psychic consultation.

During that same visit to New York, I gave a sitting to a woman psychiatrist who had worked with many terminal cancer patients, trying to remove their fear of death. Suddenly I told her a man was present. I described him as he appeared to me in his spirit form and said that he wanted to thank the psychiatrist for all that she had done for him before his passing. I asked her if she recognized the man, and she replied: "Oh yes. I just came from his funeral."

Sometimes the evidence brought by the spirits is so specific that it takes an expert to verify it
Once, while I was staying at the home of a symphonic conductor, I awakened in the middle of the night to see a distinguished-looking man, with a shock of gray hair, standing at the foot of my bed. Since I fear only the living, and this man was dead, I politely asked him what I could do for him.

He said he was Paderewski, the famous pianist, and that he had known the conductor in whose home I was staying. He mentioned, as evidence of his identity, a particular decoration which he said the Polish government had conferred on him.

The next morning, when I told my host about Paderewski's visit, he was pleased. He confirmed the fact that he had known the great pianist, although not intimately. But he did not recognize the decoration Paderewski had mentioned. However, on careful checking, it was found that the information was correct.

Great material progress has been made and apparent miracles of TV and Electronics have opened up new worlds of sight and sound never dreamed of by our forefathers
At one time man was not aware the world was round, square, flat or otherwise—and we have come a long way since then. We are in the jet age and within hours can reach other countries thousands of miles away. Great material progress has been made and apparent miracles of TV and Electronics have opened up new worlds of sight and sound never dreamed of by our forefathers. Yet all these things have happened as man has inspirationally sought to learn more. We are conscious of results through powers we cannot possibly see, wireless waves that bring personal contact from stations far away, and pictures relayed through space from other places, and we accept it all objectively. But it is the unseen forces of the universe and the cosmic power and electricity (of which there is no known source) that is the life force of the instruments used by man.

To be continued...

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