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This website was created with deep gratitude for the richness and magic that Jimmy shared with and instilled in people around him.

Photo by Laraine About James H. P. Wilkie
James Wilkie is a Scottish medium, who was discovered and developed by Jean Thomson of Kirkcaldy. For nearly all of his life, James Wilkie has been involved in the world of the psychic. His search for truth and unfoldment has taken him into every aspect of extra-sensory perception. He has lectured extensively and demonstrated his gifts in churches, university, and on radio and television. More ...

Doorkeeper Rama About Rama his Doorkeeper
Rama, to me, is more real than the flesh—and-blood people I meet every day. Some psychologists, I know, suggest that he is a secondary personality—part of my own subconscious mind. Well, I'm not a psychologist. But my answer to that is that I'll believe it when my guide appears to me wearing a kilt and playing the bagpipes! Until then, I'll accept him for what he says he is—a highly evolved spirit being who has been drawn to me by the law of spiritual attraction and who works through me as his instrument. More ...

There is no death, people don't die at all—they simply go on and are reborn—afterlife is really rebirth, and everyone is called to serve their God at all levels. More ...

The Gift Within by James Wilkie Media
A list of so far documented Books, Newspaper & Magazine articles, TV and Radio appearances, Lectures & other references. More ...

Slideshows Slideshows & Soundclips
A list of so far processed slideshows and soundclips. More ...

James Wilkie the Artist
Dancer, Decorator, Comedian, Actor, Singer, Pianist, Painter, Rebel, ... More ...

Testimonials "Thank you James Wilkie!" Testimonials
"I can't begin to tell you how much I profited and enjoyed the discussions with you last week. I admire the level of awareness and wisdom that you have attained through your experiences..."
Edgar D. Mitchell—Astronaut and Pilot of Lunar Module Apollo 14. More ...

About this Site
This Site is Dedicated to James Wilkie, Mentor and Friend.

This website was created with deep gratitude for the richness and magic that Jimmy shared with and instilled in people around him. More ...

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