The Gift Within

Experiences of a Spiritual Medium

James H.P. Wilkie


James Wilkie is a Scottish medium and Spiritualist, who was discovered and developed by the late Jean Thomson of Kirkcaldy. She was one of the most excellent mediums of her time. His search for Truth and Unfoldment has taken him into every aspect of the seance room, and he has lectured extensively and demonstrated his gifts in churches, university, and on radio. His power as a clairvoyant has convinced both sceptic and seeker alike. He has pioneered on both sides of the Atlantic, penetrated the barriers of Orthodox churches, and no sacrifice has been too great in his demand for the highest and best. From every walk of life souls have benefited by his gifts, and he has been privileged to work with some of the finest mediums of the century. He believes that with centres for E.S.P. and Psychic Research now world wide, also the growing interest in the Churches that the New Age will provide mediumship's true place with society. One of Canada's most versatile mediums, his story is one of the most unique of its kind.


This book is dedicated to my Spiritual Guide "Rama".
To all seen and unseen friends.


Life is a schoolroom—
Death is the final examination.
We go on to the classroom over there—
According to our merits on earth.


In a cool, quiet evening they were gathered together in an apartment high above the city of Toronto, the investigators and the young medium who had arranged to hold the seance that would be broadcast over the radio station CKEY.

Some of the visitors had never been to a seance before and admitted their curiosity and to being agnostics. Amongst those present were the Rev. Allan Spraggett and Norm Perry of TV and Radio fame.

The atmosphere was one of sympathy and doubt; something most psychics encounter in their mission to mankind.

As the medium was entranced the personality of his Egyptian guide took over and come through and as happened throughout the years the gifts of prophecy and clairvoyance took place.

Statements so intimate and personal were later erased from the tape before it was relayed on the radio broadcast, and during the trance the Guide was asked regarding any political forecasting.

He replied through the medium's lips.
(a) Total war and destruction would be closer than at any time since 1945.
(b) The chief trouble spot would be Havana.
(c) There would be preparation for a United States invasion of CUBA.
(d) That it would be averted.

There was no evidence or thought then of this prediction.

The date was September 13th and six weeks later with devastating accuracy the world saw the prophecy come true. The medium finished the sitting still in trance drawing a charcoal sketch in complete darkness.

This book is a story of mediumship and its true place in the church and society.


The Gift Within


The world lies at peace as I gaze thoughtfully from the. terrace of the summer cottage near Arden, Ontario, Canada. Looking down from the hill, to the little boathouse, and the vision of the quiet blue lake, lined by evergreens and Silver Birch, with the noise of children, playing in the bay, and bird calls at eventide. A hush falls o'er the scene of colour and sound, and the deep peace of nature and refreshing water, add strength to my restless soul. Somewhere a cowbell tinkles busily, and a woodcutter sends his message into the stillness of the night.

The chipmunks play around the wooden stairs, and rustling leaves, wave calmly by the open door. Around the bay in vivid tones of green, the fringe of trees, tall and stately, stooped and weak, obey the brush strokes of the sunset and cloud. Lapping waters soothe and heal the Turmoils of Time and Eternity.

Oh! To always dwell in such conditions, and have the inner content of mind and soul. To see our children play with happy eyes and joyous hearts. Yet it cannot be, for, somewhere, someone weeps in sorrow, and needs the upliftment only borne by gifted souls on gilded wing, and it is to these ones that I write my message of consolation.

I make no attempt to answer the questions that I see written, within each suffering one, and so often shadowing the lesser souls that have confronted my life. Yet I feel there is hope and indeed an answer to fulfill the promise of all seekers, all those bereaved, to those that mourn or lie in pain, as they look to heaven for help. Death to me is a doorway to a higher place of life, no more than the entering of another room, the going forth on another path, to greater things and to greater works.

Beside the loved ones who wait and watch for our homecoming, I earnestly believe that within the consciousness of every human soul there comes sometime, in their experience, a deepest longing to seek their God and understand more fully the way of Truth and Spirit. This certainly happened to me and today a whole new world opens up so full of purpose and challenge, every moment feels vital-every day is a greater day for service to humanity.

We have around us as, throughout all time, the lesser souls who cannot enjoy the world as do you and I. They are often in pain-while other mortal beings seek their earthly gains.

The Master Christ said that those that mourn shall be comforted, that the sick would be healed, and as Paul explained, that young men would have dreams and see visions, and to knock and the door would be opened unto us. So it is I write to place comfort and hope in the hearts of the bereaved. To bring the message of healing to those that lie in sickness, and above all to perhaps throw aside the prejudice and ignorance that overthrow God's Kingdom in a world unsure and uncertain of his Law.

I know personally what it means to have loved and lost dear ones, and following the late war decided to devote my time to working amongst the sick and administering to the bereaved through spiritual mediumship. There was so very much that I wanted to find out for myself.

Returning from service, in the Mercantile Marine, there was confusion in my soul, at the terrible things I had seen regarding man's inhumanity to man. I wanted, above all things, to find God's plan for myself.

I was born psychic without protection or knowledge of its true meaning. It has never been a path of roses. Mostly a struggle to find harmony, for man has accused without reason, and slaughtered unmercifully without cause.

Yet I wouldn't change the pattern of my life if I could. I have been called Witch and Devil many times. The same accusators have later been glad of my help, and thank God I have led them to his Kingdom into the consciousness of Christ and to a way of life best suited to their Spiritual need.


As I look down and over the great clear lake, reflecting in its beauty, in its many moods of tension and heaviness, the uppermost sky I can travel back on the sea of time and also reflect, over many experiences which cannot deny the truth of mediumship. There is no other name can replace that word-and no other name is worthy. It embraces all the phases of gifts the Lord spoke of and demonstrated when he traversed the earthplane and nothing has changed since then, regarding his prophecies to us all. "Young men shall dream dreams and see visions". Either this is true or the Bible is wrong.

Let me tell you of my visions that you may indeed have yours and think of the Nazarene's words when he said, "Greater things than these shall ye do." So the Lord was referring to the powers within. So I believe likewise in my confessions of faith as I write.

I am fully conscious that many are using the Lord's name in vain, or impersonating the gift of the Spirit. Yet rest assured that they, in time, can only fraud themselves and become as useless victims of their own crime. In my seeking I met such fools. They are included in my prayers, for through disobeying the Law, they will reap what they have sown, and fall to the tortures of damnation.

Mediumship is a very lovely and Spiritual gift and accompanies the soul at birth, it can neither be sold or bought. It is truly given to bring the Glory of God to a needy world and tells us of the talents we possess and how to develop and use them properly. Then humanity can benefit by its cause and understand the world here and also hereafter. Many disguise their gifts in Orthodox form-calling themselves divine.ones, or mystics, etc., but regardless of their terms, it is only their mediumship in its degree of evolution that can make them do good amongst men.

I recall seeing spirits as a child, and am far more afraid of the human being than the spirit ones that cross my path - for they are angels with a shining mission. Have you ever stopped to wonder of the angels who appeared to the enlightened ones as mentioned in the Bible? They were not all saints -neither were they archangels who constantly appeared. They were simply returning Spirits who had evolved on the other side and were doing their Spiritual duty, as do your own loved ones, over there-your brothers and sisters and mine. They take their works with them and their personalities do not die nor change immediately in the process of transition to the higher side.

I remember one experience when I was very young. My mother had received word that her sister Jessie was dying of cancer in England. My home was then in Fife, Scotland, by the shores of the Firth of Forth, and with the rest of the family I was whisked away in a car in the hope that we might get there in time.

A great depression was evident in my Aunt's home when we got there. She had been ill long and the specialist in charge had done his best. The injections daily from the local nurse gave her a little ease and temporary relief. Too young to really know, or completely understand, I was happy seeing my cousins again and to explore their home. I was conscious of the tears of the loved ones and that the arrival of the nurse each day was like the coming of an angel, who could help temporarily my Aunt's agony.

Following breakfast one morning, I was allowed at her request to see my Aunt Jessie, on the strictest grounds that I be very quiet. I entered the room and she looked like some white thing, matching the many pillows on which she lay. She smiled sweetly to me and in a frail voice expressed her joy at my being there. Forgetting all orders I was soon chatting gaily away. Like many Scotch people I had the gift of second sight, or clear seeing, and was not encouraged to talk of it as it was usually looked upon by some, with fear and trembling-a sure sign of the devil, according to the Scriptural interpretations of the narrow minded and the ignorance of others, who couldn't understand and had not the wonderful gift themselves.

I had grown up carrying this secret gift with uncertainty and misunderstanding yet later these same so-called devils helped countless souls to find light in darkness, and bring realization and truth of immortality. There in that room, surrounded by the atmosphere of gloom, I became conscious of a Spirit presence and then saw standing behind my Aunt the spirit of a North American Indian. He appeared to be stroking her spine in great vast sweeps.

I watched, fascinated and thrilled, and then his voice quite clearly instructed me that my Aunt would not pass on, and would be spared to be with us. So clear was the manifestation and the voice that I left the room and told everyone present she would not die, and that she would live and walk. They were scared stiff and I was strictly admonished for my seeming bad behaviour and sent to bed.

However, despite the medical world's verdict, the morphine injections, etc., my Aunt still lived on and we all returned home fearing the end in sight. Yet I knew my experience was true.

We returned to Scotland, weeping and wailing, to await the news of her death. May I say they were still waiting years from then, and that she lived and walked.

I have one delightful memory of her travelling to Scotland to be with us at a niece's wedding, which we all thoroughly enjoyed. It is interesting to note here that my dear Aunt was of the Salvation Army faith, a faith that gave her great blessing, yet as I perceived through the years, regardless of one's religion, they do have spirit visitors who have been of invaluable assistance in times of emergency and strain.

In later years I discovered that the Red Indian was a guide, or teacher, who trained me to develop the gift of Healing from the higher side and was instrumental in many cures through my mediumship. Remember that colour and Creed are no barriers to the all wise love of God, and angels are, by all means, not Supreme white beings living in the land of Light. It took many years before I had the confidence in my own gifts due to the disrespect I found especially in the churches and amongst Bible teachers, who were not psychic themselves.

Finally I was led to the late Mrs. Jean Thomson, of Kirkcaldy, Fife, who developed and trained mediums for public work. She was a great worker of Truth, and loyal to her calling. Through her gifts thousands gained the insight to the Biblical truths as experienced by the disciples of all ages. Her standard of mediumship is very rare in these times of Atoms and Science, and I look back with absolute respect to her gifts.

I had made enough headway to know who were behind me Spiritually and was practising the laying on of hands with friends who were anxious to try me out, and in small places where such gifts were encouraged. By this time I used to feel a flow of power wherever the person had their trouble their heart, their leg, head, etc., and then I would stroke the area gently or be impressed to work in a certain way relieving pain, and bringing through the forces that were later to fulfill some prophecies given through other famous mediums I had met in my seeking. One day a woman came to me in great distress. Her son was very ill and presumed to be in crisis with a life-long affliction. It had prevented normal schooling and there was a slight curvature of the spine owing to a serious asthmatic condition.

She was in tears and pleaded with me to come to her home where her son lay. I was rather confused over the situation which, in its desperation and crisis, seemed to put especial responsibility on my gift. I was still in the very early stages of development. So I went to the home to find, as I have often done in the years following, a home filled with fear and depression. But my mind was made up and I determined to use my powers and had faith in my unseen friends. I looked upon the young soul lying there breathing heavily, and so ashen-faced, it was indeed an advanced sickness.

I concentrated and very soon felt the presence of my guides at the bedside. I began to get very drowsy and opened myself up to the power, and my body was taken over by spirit. My hands were manipulated over the boy's body and I said that within four hours the boy would feel better and be violently sick, bringing up the very dregs of his sickness which had been there from birth.

I left the household still very confused and wondering about my healing. Almost to the fourth hour, the boy was violently sick and then sat up and never looked back to ill health again, later joined the Army and led a hectic strenuous life.

I was constantly being reminded then of devils and demons and was a constant church-goer. Very often I would worry myself sick that if there was even a hint of truth in all I was being told by the Kirk members themselves I would eventually rot in Hell.

This was only the beginning of many experiences which developed and unfolded before me, and these higher angels only brought souls to know their God and to this man we know of as Christ, the Nazarene.

However, there were other gifts that were to be revealed to me in my psychic quest, and one that has played a very important role in my life. That of consoling the bereaved. God does move in a mysterious way his wonders to perform.

To be continued...

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