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James Wilkie |
I wonder if we were related. My family, now in Australia, heralded from Scotland. The website is thought provoking and of great interest. Jimmy must have been a great man to know.

Thank you for maintaining this website.

James Wilkie
24 November 2009 - Melbourne Australia

Two years ago, today, Rama served tea for you Jimmy. Many seekers join you for a cup of tea on this website.

Here are the numbers for "The Teachings of James Wilkie and Rama" continue for the last 2 years:
Visits: 14987
Pages accessed 53842 times
Registered Hits: 239169
Visitors came from 85 countries in 2009 alone

Thanks again Jimmy,
1 October 2009

Jillian Peacock |
Although i never had the priviledge of meeting you Jimmy my Granny (Charlotte) you're cousin,told me many stories of you. This web site has now allowed me to get closer and hear so much more of the wonderful spiritual being you are.I believe you led me here and i bless you and wish you great peace in the classroom above.
Many thanks to Daniel for allowing me this contact xxx
5 December 2008 - Scotland Loanhead Midlothian

Lynn Wilkie |
Thank you for this wonderful site,James was my father in law whom i have the most respect for.I'm sure he would be so proud of all the wonderful message's.God bless you dad,and please continue to watch us from above.xo
16 October 2008 - Toronto,Canada

Skye Wilkie |
James Wilkie was my grandfather
I miss him soo much . I will never forget you
R.I.P Grandad
14 October 2008 - Canada

Michael and Shirley Harvey |
Thanks to you, Daniel Roshi, as I have been enthralled by the presence of my dear friend, James Wilkie featured on your outstanding web site. He may only be on a recording but, listening to his philosophical beliefs and reading his life story, he most certainly comes ALIVE in the real dimension of being.
In fact I may hazard a guess that every time one of us turns on your wonderful tribute to him, he comes around us accompanied by his life-long guide, Rama.

My memory of Jimmie, that most amusing, kind and remarkable man, goes back to the early 1970s when I did a free-lance story for some magazine. Then I persuaded James to accompany me to Langley to meet members of the Kinsman’s Club who wanted to “examine the merchandise” before allowing him to proceed with a demonstration at the Civic Centre. (Now the George Preston Centre)

The Kinsmen got more than they bargained for. In the most humorous way he spoke to each assembled there and obviously knew what they did for a living, their interests, loves and losses. He raised howls of laughter by the insinuation one member had not been honest in the appraisal of the car he sold to his brother-in-law. The man flushed deep red.

He described another persons’ occupation as being “Rather strange and being conducted in a muffled atmosphere amidst dark colours and organ music.” This fellow was, of course, the local undertaker.

My wife Shirley and I had Jimmie Wilkie for dinner before proceeding to the fascinating performance that enthralled the large audience. I well remember my nervousness as I introduced him from the stage. He was sensational, as usual.

As the Public Relations officer for Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers some time later, I persuaded Dave Ritchie to hire Jimmie Wilkie as our after-hours attraction in our hospitality suite. This was during the Truck Loggers Convention at the Hotel Vancouver.

Lumber company owners, executives and their wives lined the hotel corridor for hours awaiting a short session with the amazing psychic James Wilkie. For two nights he was the talk of the convention. No wonder the top radio talk hosts pursued him to appear on their shows.

Jimmie and I became friends and I fondly remember the lavish dinner parties he would hold at his unusually decorated home on Tupper Street in Vancouver. He never seemed to participate in the dining, his only function was to serve and entertain his guests.

In those days he lived with his great friend Charlie who unfortunately died. He was a thoroughly nice, quiet gentleman who shared his house. Soon after Charlie departed this world, Jimmie sold his Tupper Street home and moved to Surrey.

I vividly recall him telling me that that establishment has been the residence of numerous unpleasant ghosts that Jimmie had to displace. This large house on an acreage had been the home of a motor cycle gang.

Jimmies departure for Toronto was sudden and unexpected. Many years passed before we again established contact and then it was constant but only by mail and the occasional phone call. Jimmie wrote almost every second day in longhand, pouring his heart out to Shirley and me in what often exceeded five or six pages of script. We responded promptly with our individual comments and advice.

It was most obvious that Jimmie felt that his usefulness as a psychic had come to an end. He desperately wanted to pursue his talents in helping people. However, his medical condition confined him to only short outings as he suffered dreadful pain.

He stated in his letters from his hospital bed that he was ready to go into the Great Beyond. It was therefore a relief when his son Tommy said that “the plug had been pulled on his father.”

James Wilkie was one of a kind. His life was comprised of helping others through situations that he could clearly see but to which most of us, is beyond our knowledge or comprehension. I know that Jimmie will look fondly on his great friend, Daniel, for all his great effort he has expended to honour a man who was a friend and mentor to us all.

Michael Harvey and Shirley Harvey (who Jimmie always referred to as Shelia)
21 December 2007 - Langley, BC, Canada

Laraine Smith |
Very impressive, Daniel. Thank you for thinking of creating this web site. Jimmy would have been thrilled.
I am putting the site into my favourites and I'll be checking it from time to time.
Thank You, Daniel.
18 December 2007 - Canada

Special thanks to Colin Preston, CBC Library Coordinator in Vancouver, for finding some archive film footage about James Wilkie.
19 November 2007 - Vanouver, BC, Canada

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